Senior Level Courses

At this level, there may be two changes of direction with or without use of the bendy tunnel.  Any single change of direction will not be less than 120 degrees (clock face, running from 6 to 12, the change cannot be greater than turning right to 2 or left to 10.) unless the bendy tunnel is used as the corner, in which case, the corner can be as sharp as 90 degrees. 
Courses at this level shall not be mirrored ie the layout shall be the same in each lane. 
Equipment that can be used:
Flyball Pattern Jumps
Agility Hurdles
Bendy Tunnel
Long Jump
Ramp with Hoops
Weave Poles
Obstacles are to be a minimum 3.5 metres apart
Dogs with 20 or more grading points may compete at this level. 
Points awarded will be Senior points.